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Ever since college professor Frank Woodard and one of his students, Al Curran, founded the firm, we have thrived by learning from and teaching each other. Just as Frank’s textbook, Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook, is used in classrooms across the country, his legacy of mentoring and teaching permeates Woodard & Curran.

In the tradition of that legacy, Woodard & Curran offers internships, co-ops, and other opportunities to work during the academic year. Primarily, we are looking for motivated, energized interns who want to contribute while working in a team environment. 

Woodard & Curran provides interns with fantastic opportunities to work in the consulting field. Former interns report that they are considered project team members from the start and have participated in everything from running field operations to interacting with clients, 3-D modeling, and working on calculations for reports and analysis as well as writing reports for clients. We provide a formal mentoring program as well as pay for all interns.

“As an intern, I was able to work on design projects in the office, visit job sites, and even attend public meetings about the projects I was working on. I felt like I was part of the team, which made my work exciting and rewarding.” – Greg, current employee and former intern 

How Do I Apply?

Visit our Career Center page to search for and view available job listings. Search by location and/or by keyword. Select an opening and review the job details. You may apply with a LinkedIn profile or by creating your own profile by selecting the appropriate button. Your application will automatically go into our system for consideration by our recruiting team. We generally start recruiting for interns in late winter and early spring, but we do have occasional opportunities throughout the year.

When will I hear back about my status?

For internship applicants, we have a rolling decision process. You will receive a response in January through May—depending on when we received your application for an internship.

How can I contact Woodard & Curran with questions?

We meet prospective intern candidates at college career fairs throughout the year. You may also reach out to us by email via the Contact Us form below.

"I came to Woodard & Curran as a recent graduate with a degree in Environmental Science. Almost immediately, I was tasked with a large technical writing assignment for an important new client for our group. At first, this task seemed a little overwhelming, and I felt as though I was underqualified to complete it. However, through the encouragement and support of my team, the final product was one both the clients and I could be proud of. Most companies would not even have considered giving me this opportunity as an intern."  - Jessie, current employee and former intern

“I was able to make a major career shift here. Often one has to change companies to pursue a new field, but I was able to successfully redirect my career in the same office and firm, thanks to a supportive environment and a service base that provides opportunities in my new technical area.”

Janet Robinson, Technical Manager

Available Positions

Browse our available positions by office location or keyword. After reviewing the job details and identifying the position right for you, create a profile or connect your LinkedIn account to apply. Our recruiting team will automatically receive your information for consideration.

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