Proactive Management of PCBs in Building Materials

Increased media attention and public awareness have brought polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, in building materials into the national spotlight, focusing on their regulatory status and potential risks to human health. Assessing PCBs during hazardous building materials projects is becoming more common, much like how asbestos and lead based paint are managed. Our team has implemented PCB remediation approaches at over 300 buildings so we understand what works, apply lessons learned from a wide variety of settings, and cross-reference specific EPA and State approvals for various building types and projects. This results in more cost-effective and efficient remediation as component of the overall renovation or demolition project.

Integrating remediation with construction projects

Dealing with PCBs in building materials can disrupt important and time-sensitive renovation and construction projects. We understand that hazardous materials abatement is often one of many aspects to be managed, and the remediation components, if applicable, need to be integrated into the overall project. Our approach to assessing and managing hazardous building materials at project sites is to develop remediation or abatement plans that can be integrated into the planned renovation or demolition work in order as to minimize the incremental tasks and costs associated with remediation. 

Experience minimizes risk

Because PCBs could pose a potential risk to human health and the environment, remediation has to be carefully planned and executed to reduce exposure and provide long-term protection. We have a core team of professionals with expertise in managing projects involving PCBs, as well as other hazardous building materials, from the initial planning phases through implementation. Our experience means we know how to remove, encapsulate, or decontaminate PCB-containing building materials in any setting while controlling costs and schedule and keeping residents, employees, and the community at large safe. 


Senior Client Manager
PCB Remediation