Manufacturing Process & Packaging

Competing in the modern global economy means getting the most from your resources and anticipating and adapting to rapid market changes. Whether a client is investing in a new production line, consolidating operations, or upgrading existing production facilities, we focus on beating timelines and controlling cost to improve the return on investment and make sure our clients get their products to market when the demand is high.

Manufacturing processes are finely tuned machines

For a manufacturer to perform at its best, their entire production process has to be working in perfect synchronization. That means every element of the system must be designed to work at the optimal speed and within tight tolerances to keep the whole operation running smoothly. Our engineers understand these demands, seeing both the big picture and the small details that determine success. We know how to work with vendors to make sure that equipment meets our clients’ needs, is delivered on time, and integrated seamlessly into the overall process.

Upgrades require precise timing

Improving an existing production line or adding new equipment like packaging manufacturing or automated storage and retrieval systems can be very complicated. And interrupting production to do it is usually a non-starter. That’s why we plan and execute upgrade projects to avoid unnecessary shut-downs by bringing all the members of the project team into the planning phase, including vendors, construction contractors, and stakeholders in plant operations and from the client’s management team. 

The advantage of design/build

Traditional contracting methods work for many projects, but design/build contracting can offer a compressed schedule and more control over the end result. The tighter the timeline, the more a design/build approach can help because it creates a unified team from the very beginning and can bring constructability, manpower, and equipment delivery schedule concerns to light long before they become full-blown problems. On our design/build projects, we routinely see large, complicated, and mission-critical projects delivered on short schedules, facilitating quick time-to-market and near immediate response to changes in demand.


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