Efficient Utility Systems that Serve the Needs of the Business

The more efficient and productive a company is, the more competitive it can be. Manufacturers in every industry are looking for any advantage, and Woodard & Curran’s engineers help find them. By focusing on the utility systems and infrastructure that support production, we identify opportunities to increase efficiency, trim costs, and plan for the future.

Utility systems are essential for any manufacturing process. Heating and cooling, water, steam, compressed air, electricity, and more—you can’t make anything without these inputs. Unfortunately, they are also frequently sources of inefficiency and unnecessary expense. With decades of experience in a wide range of manufacturing settings, we have an eye for overlooked opportunities to save energy, reduce waste, implement efficient generation technologies, and reuse heat and water to save our clients money. We help companies in all industries reassess and renovate utility systems and design infrastructure that makes the most of their resources.

Upgrading while minimizing capital costs

One obstacle to infrastructure upgrades is the high up-front cost and the potential interruption of operations. It may seem easier to continue working with less than ideal systems in order to avoid these problems. Our approach to these projects focuses on reusing existing facilities and equipment, and carefully planning and scheduling projects to keep production moving.

Communication is key

While experience and technical expertise dictate whether a design will ultimately work, the success of a project can depend just as much on communication. Our experience has shown that effective and frequent communication with stakeholders during the design process can prevent surprises that may delay project schedules and affect budgets. Clear communication also helps projects run more smoothly by earning up-front project buy-in. On all our projects we work closely with our clients to develop effective and efficient communication pathways to keep things on track. 


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