Developing, Managing, and Reclaiming Mining Sites

Safely and effectively extracting resources from a mining site requires careful planning, thoughtful design, and disciplined management throughout the facility’s lifecycle. Our engineering design, environmental, and support personnel have the technical expertise and project management skills needed to guide any project from alternative evaluation, financial feasibility and conceptual design stage through construction document development, facility construction and unit process start-up, and ongoing management.


 Every mining site is unique, and making best use of the resource begins with the evaluation and planning stage. Our experts have decades of experience across all types of mining operations, and understand the environmental permitting, site design, facility engineering, construction and process design requirements that drive projects. We help clients throughout the lifecycle of their facilities, keeping a careful eye on safety, environmental performance, and operational efficiency. We integrate all the necessary specialties to create a team of professionals ideally suited to each project that works alongside our client and shares their goals. From quick deployments to solve an unexpected problem to full-scale facility delivery under design-build contracts, we tailor our approach to the specific needs of the client and project.


Mining wastewater, whether from dewatering, ore processing, or any other aspect of the operation, can be challenging to treat. Mining operations must address heavy metals, high whole effluent toxicity, and other unusual constituents without impacting overall operations and often facing tight physical space constraints. Our wastewater engineers have decades of experience solving these very problems by applying the right technology in the right combinations. Our tenacity and commitment to our clients means that we will find a solution and implement it on time and on budget.


When it comes time to close a facility and reclaim a site, experience makes a difference. We have developed and implemented reclamation plans for clients and projects in every mining application. This work encompasses baseline investigations to determine soil chemistry and plant species identification, development of grading plans and revegetation design and bid documents, oversight and management of reclamation projects and post reclamation monitoring, weed management and revegetation success. 


Safety is one of the core values of our firm, and our commitment to implementing clear, consistent, and successful safety programs on all our projects is a top priority. We believe that protecting our people, clients, and partners is central to the success of our projects and our company. Read more about our culture of safety at Woodard & Curran.