Open Space & Recreation

Parks, trails, and recreational facilities are incredibly valuable community assets. Adding new parks and trails, building new athletic fields, or revitalizing deteriorated public spaces can fundamentally change how a city, school, or university campus feels and create real economic return on investment. Woodard & Curran’s civil engineers help our clients create appealing, accessible, environmentally sound, and cost-effective recreational facilities from multi-use trail networks to athletic field complexes to community parks.

Not only do these spaces provide people with access to the outdoors, they can also be economically and environmentally beneficial. Careful design that includes effective stormwater management and integration of natural features improves both the facility itself and the surrounding environment. Every park, trail, or field we work on is designed to maximize use by the community and provide the most value to the environment while controlling construction and maintenance costs. To balance these factors we build a careful understanding of our client’s goals, the needs of the community, and the local environment and apply decades of design and construction experience to help create a resource people can be proud of. We understand funding programs like the FHWA Safe Routes to Schools program and how to position projects, apply for, and win grants.


Many communities have parks or underutilized sites with challenging environmental histories or conditions. Parks that flood during moderate rains and former industrial properties sitting undeveloped are opportunities for positive change. Transforming these sites into appealing, accessible recreational facilities provides social, health, and environmental benefits. Woodard & Curran has helped clients revive deteriorating parks through creative stormwater management that eliminates flooding and reduces maintenance. And we have helped clean up brownfields to create beautiful parks and athletic facilities, turning empty urban land into valuable community assets.


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