Free Whitepaper: Is My Facility a Good Candidate for Combined Heat & Power?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions represent a proven and effective near-term energy option to help organizations enhance their energy efficiency, as well as promote energy independence and environmental quality.

CHP is the concurrent production of electrical and thermal (heating and cooling) energy from a single fuel source—two outputs for one input. CHP is not a single technology but a group of technologies that can use a variety of fuels to provide reliable electricity, mechanical power, or thermal energy at a manufacturing facility, university campus, hospital, or commercial building—wherever power is needed.

A typical CHP solution can operate at approximately 85-90 percent efficiency, as opposed to the 45 percent efficiency of traditional boiler and power-plant generated heat and electricity. The energy efficiency from a CHP solution comes from recovering the heat that would normally be wasted while generating power to supply heating or cooling needs. Since CHP is installed at the point of use, traditional losses built in to the electric transmission and distribution system are also avoided.

This free whitepaper, which includes a scored checklist, will help you determine whether CHP is a practical solution for your facility and outline the steps to getting started.


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