Bruce Nicholson, Esq.

Corporate Secretary, Vice President
Governance and Compliance

Bruce is responsible for assisting and providing support to management and the Board in corporate risk management and regulatory compliance matters for the firm, including as chair to the Risk Review Board and maintaining compliance with the Risk Review Board Guidelines. He also partners with the President of Consulting to ensure compliance with the company’s Project Quality Assurance Program (PQA) through regular monitoring and reporting. As Corporate Secretary, Bruce plays a significant role in guiding the Board on shareholder matters and has primary ownership of the Company Stockholder Agreement and other Corporate Governance Documents. Bruce joined Woodard & Curran in 1999 as a Project Manager with the compliance group working primarily on environmental compliance auditing projects for colleges, universities and hospitals. In 2006 he became the firm's first Director of Risk Management at the corporate level. 

“In my position, I have the opportunity to be part of small decision-making teams on a day-to-day basis that impact the professional services we deliver. Whether I’m working with a corporate services team or with the executive leadership team on a corporate governance issue, every decision is driven by a commitment to act in good faith and fairness. My experience has been that the words of our mission statement are not hollow ones drafted by the founders of this company, but rather, a present commitment that we adhere to closely in our daily work.”