Christy Kennedy

Business Development Leader
Municipal West

Christy’s ability to handle complex recharge and water supply projects comes from her deep engineering and hydrogeology skillset and passion for communicating challenging concepts to clients. Her technical experience is broad—including groundwater recharge, indirect potable reuse, water supply planning, conservation, flood protection, watershed management, master planning, and salt and nutrient management planning. Christy serves as the institutional lead for regional groundwater initiatives and leads planning efforts to help agencies comply with regulatory requirements stemming from the 2009 Recycled Water Policy. She is a current board member of the Groundwater Resources Association of California

“The value I hold most dearly at work and in life is teamwork, which stems from an upbringing in an Air Force family, and my love of competitive sports in my earlier years. I love leading strategic water planning initiatives because it allows me to tap into my collaborative, big picture mindset to create large-scale solutions to improve California’s water supply reliability.”