Craig Deeney

Senior Project Manager

Craig has more than two decades of experience in assessment, remediation, and management of impacted resources in multi-medias including soils, groundwater, stormwater, and hazardous wastes. His primary areas of expertise include remedy development and management of contaminated media and process wastes from various manufacturing facilities, water treatment, and mineral processing operations. Through this experience, he has developed an extensive knowledge of federal (RCRA, CERCLA) and local regulations and has led teams in developing innovative solutions for complex, multi-media environmental problems.

"I work hard to help our team develop sound technical solutions and communicate these technical issues to clients on all levels so that all are appropriately informed and the best environmental management decisions can be made. Our practice of accurately summarizing our objectives and thoughtfully guiding our partners thorough the remedial process has proven to be highly successful, particularly when we can be innovative, meet project goals, and demonstrate that we have our client’s best interest at heart.”