Duff Collins, PG, LSP

Chief Technologist
Environment & Remediation

Duff has over 30 years of environmental consulting experience managing and conducting field investigations, feasibility studies, and remediation activities at complex hazardous waste sites. He manages state and federal superfund projects, compliance support services, and multi-site due diligence liability assessments for utilities, large industrial clients, and institutions. Duff focuses his practice on identifying and applying risk management tools and criteria to solve high visibility and priority environmental problems and challenges for our clients. 

“I am a geologist—a curious and motivated scientist—who is always fascinated by learning new things, particularly with respect to the processes at the earth’s surface. I’m also interested in working with agencies to develop regulations and policy that make the professional practice of site cleanup better and more reasonable for everyone. Woodard & Curran provides the opportunity to cultivate the knowledge and skills that allow each of us to thrive in our dynamic consulting business.”