Frank Cavaleri

Senior Area Manager
Operations & Management

Frank has decades of experience with the O&M component of water treatment, wastewater treatment, and groundwater remediation projects. Frank plays a critical role in comprehensive plant evaluations and provides technical input from an O&M perspective on water and wastewater design projects. He also develops systems and standards for O&M services, oversees the O&M field services group, and develops energy conservation projects. Frank was responsible for the development and implementation of a maintenance management program used in all of Woodard & Curran’s contract operated facilities.

“My background in engineering and my experience with operations has set me up well to be able to help people with their water and wastewater systems. In this line of work, whether you’re solving a specific problem, improving the efficiency of a system, or advising someone on how to better manage their assets, there is never a shortage of interesting projects to take on.”