Glenn Almquist

Senior Client Manager
Environmental Services & Permitting

Glenn has worked for decades as an environmental consultant to industrial, municipal, and development clients. Most recently, he has focused nationally on serving as principal-in-charge of energy, commercial, and industrial development projects. These projects often involve multidisciplinary teams of engineers, scientists, client team members and members of the public. His role as Senior Client Manager in Environmental Services & Permitting has allowed him to work with clients to address technical impediments to projects and create positive outcomes for clients and key stakeholders.

“My educational background in the sciences and the research work I was involved in early in my career have helped me develop a process for evaluating complicated projects. The team approach to solving problems or finding creative ways to improve the services we provide has been useful in that it allows everyone’s best ideas to shape the solution we arrive at. My colleagues are exceptional at and enthusiastic about what they do, which makes coming to the office each day a pleasure. I have yet to find a project I didn’t like, but those I enjoy most are the unusual, complicated projects that involve large multidisciplinary teams of professionals, and if it has a marine aquatic component, all the better.”