Jessica Richard

Strategic Project Funding

Jessica leads Woodard & Curran’s strategic funding team and has decades of municipal planning and financing experience, specializing in federal, state, and local legislative and regulatory affairs; public entity grants and loans; contract administration; public education/participation; and community relations. She creates cost of service studies and financing plans for infrastructure, community, and economic development projects, working with agencies at all levels of federal, state, and municipal government on funding issues, legislation, and the development and implementation of capital improvement plans. In addition, Jessica monitors funding programs, consults with federal and state agencies on program requirements, and resolves questions concerning eligibility requirements, project closeout and audit oversight. Jessica also assists project proponents in the creation and passage of local, state or federal legislation necessary to provide financing, and regulatory oversight for public works projects. 

“In my work, there is nothing more satisfying than finding a creative way to bring the project together with the funding to help essential work go forward. By looking at the whole picture, we see clearly that our clients and the funding agencies are on the same side, looking to put grant and loan money towards projects that truly make a difference in a community.”