John Bolakas, PG, LSRP

National Practice Leader
Oil & Gas Environmental Services

John is Woodard & Curran’s National Practice Leader for Oil & Gas Environmental Services. With technical expertise in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, site investigation, and site remediation, John develops conceptual site models to support well integrity and groundwater protection objectives and provides stakeholder management and regulatory compliance. He has led rapid response project teams to implement compliance assurance, release mitigation, site investigation, and environmental remediation. He was twice selected to participate in USEPA’s Technical Workshop Hydraulic Fracturing Study.

“Our oil and gas clients are driven by dynamic market forces and need rapid and efficient solutions to make sure their investments are generating revenue. We have the technical capabilities and problem-solving intelligence to support these objectives and are continuing to build upon our team successes while leveraging our client relationships to expand according to their emerging needs.”