Kathleen Higgins, PE

Director of Technical Practices
Community Development & Land Use

Kathleen works with our clients primarily on the west coast to address their needs related to stormwater management and flood protection, water resource planning, and watershed management. Throughout her career she has been involved in water projects of all sizes, but, living and working in California, her current focus is on helping communities deal with the most pressing issues facing them today, which often include planning for their immediate and future water needs and managing stormwater in the most effective way possible. To that end, she has been involved in the design, analysis, and coordination of several major water resource projects in Southern California and has been the lead on first-of-their kind multi-benefit projects in the state, such as the Sun Valley Park Storm Water Infiltration Basin project for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. Kathleen is also a key contributor to the development of the firm’s nationwide stormwater community of practice, drawing on her extensive background in low impact development design and environmental restoration projects to ensure our project approaches are technically sound and environmentally responsible.

The most exciting part of my work is helping clients solve their problems in innovative and cost-effective ways. The challenges we face related to water are never ending—whether it be drought, climate resiliency, water quality regulations, flood protection, environmental restoration, or public education and recreation. Working side by side with clients, stakeholders, and the public to solve these water-related challenges is both fun and very rewarding.