Ken Danila

Vice President
Information Systems
Ken leads all aspects of the firm’s information technology activities. Ken is responsible for creating strategic initiatives to implement technologies that allow us to serve our clients better, collaborate across geographies, and maintain the highest standards of data security. He leads initiatives to modernize communications platforms and to streamline infrastructure to improve inter-office functionality, allowing project teams to collaborate more effectively.

Ken is active within the industry, previously serving as co-chair of the Massachusetts American Council of Engineering Companies IT Committee, a professional group of Architectural and Engineering CIOs and IT leaders.
“I’ve been around computers and technology from a young age. As a young engineer, I enjoyed helping out my colleagues and driving business value through building data networks, connecting offices, improving collaboration, and streamlining the design process. With the increasing demands placed on technologically and connectivity throughout the 1990s and 2000s in our industry, I was able to transition to IT management as a career and enjoy working with others throughout the organization, ultimately helping Woodard & Curran achieve its vision for its clients.”