Kevin Bethke

Senior Project Manager

Kevin provides civil/environmental consulting for the mining and mineral processing industry. His primary areas of expertise include mine waste treatment and reclamation, waste consolidation and cap design, field sampling and investigation, surface water hydrology, stream reclamation, revegetation design, and weed management. He is also responsible for project planning and management, health and safety, and construction quality assurance/quality control, as well as leading site operation and maintenance. In addition to his mining related experience, Kevin has performed multiple wetland delineations and associated 404 and 310 permit applications in compliance with US Army Corps of Engineers and local regulatory agency protocols.

“I have performed a number of reclamation alternative evaluations, which included cost estimating, bid package development, and contractor selection. Through these evaluations and negotiations, it was important to remain focused on the best science available, sound engineering, and the interests of all parties involved. Getting a project completed requires years of experience, skillful collaboration, and determination.”