Lyndel Melton, PE

Practice Leader
Water Resources

Lyndel has over four decades of experience working on complex water supply planning, water treatment and distribution, and flood protection projects in California. He was a co-founder of consulting firm RMC Water and Environment, which has since merged with Woodard & Curran. He has significant experience managing institutional interface among regional entities and is leading the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program, the first project to use a federally owned agricultural water delivery facility to convey recycled water. Lyndel also managed design of facilities to deliver California State Project water to cities throughout the State and also has considerable experience in desalination and concentrate management.

“I like to assist my clients in developing and implementing innovative projects that support an agency’s policies and objectives for multi-benefit efforts.   I am especially excited by highly visible multi-agency projects that provide regional solutions. At Woodard & Curran I get to work with a team of experts to solve difficult challenges that create long-lasting benefits to our clients and their customers.”