Mike Apfelbaum, PG

Technical Manager
Mike works with clients in the public and private sectors to investigate and implement effective remedial designs tailored to impacted sites’ specific challenges and future needs. His expertise is in overcoming challenges related to fractured bedrock; in these projects he relies on a data-driven approach rooted in the most up-to-date science and technology to help his clients obtain site closure in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Having been involved at every step in a range of remediation projects—from conducting feasibility studies and developing conceptual site models to managing groundwater treatment systems and implementing in situ thermal remediation technologies—he is well-versed in the full scope of remedies available to address complex issues related to site contamination. 
As a geologist, I’ve always appreciated the challenge of the uncertainties presented by the subsurface and motivated to develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions to overcome obstacles that impede site closure. I’m humbled by the diverse technical strengths of the team at Woodard & Curran and its commitment to strategically implementing investigation and remediation efforts that prioritize restoring legacy sites into reusable and sought-after properties.