Neven Kresic, PG, PhD

National Groundwater Practice Leader
Environment & Remediation

Neven Kresic is a Senior Technical Manager with extensive international experience in groundwater and surface water consulting, research, and teaching. As a strong advocate for his clients, Neven has experience in an array of industries including water, transportation, power utilities, oil, petrochemical, chemical, mining, and construction. His focus is on groundwater engineering, development, and remediation, groundwater modeling, karst and fractured rocky hydrogeology, and water resource evaluation.

“My main goal on every project is to get various stakeholders, especially clients and regulators, on the same page to clearly understand which aspects of a site conceptual model are critical to successfully protect human health and the environment. This includes advocating for a pragmatic approach to groundwater remediation whenever feasible. I work with my clients toward understanding what makes sense or not for a given site, regardless of perceived pressures, which I believe is paramount to achieving success. The extensive outstanding expertise across many scientific and engineering fields here at Woodard & Curran is my greatest resource in addressing various challenges of groundwater related work.”