Nick Hastings, PG, LEP

Senior Hydrogeologist
Nick is responsible for managing assessment and remediation projects for a variety of industrial and commercial clients. Over the course of his career, Nick has directed RCRA Facility Investigation and Corrective Measure activities for a range of facilities and has successfully negotiated and overseen the implementation of brownfield and redevelopment projects under local, state, and federal programs. Nick is a Licensed Professional Geologist in the states of Delaware and New York. As a Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) in the State of Connecticut, he is also authorized to direct environmental activities at eligible sites.

Nick is currently a Director on the Board and co-chair member of the Education Committee for the Environmental Professionals’ Organization of Connecticut, working closely with Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection staff to develop training programs for the LEP community.  He also serves on the Board of the Geological Society of Connecticut and is a Visiting Instructor at Wesleyan University. 
"Throughout my career, I have seen first-hand how a fledgling industry grows and matures into the sophisticated system that exists today. It has been gratifying to watch regulatory programs and the projects they govern evolve from a “just clean it up for the sake of cleaning it up” approach to brownfield and redevelopment-based remediation projects. My clients and I find it much more satisfying to work toward a productive end-use as we remediate sites. And since every site is a different puzzle to solve, there’s always something new to work on."