Peter Nangeroni, PE, LSP

Business Unit Leader

Peter has over 30 years of due diligence, site investigation and remediation, Brownfields redevelopment planning, environmental engineering, construction management, and solid and chemical waste management experience. He also has extensive experience in the evaluation of remedial alternatives and the management of diverse project teams in the conceptualization, design, permitting, construction, and operation of remedial programs, with an emphasis on PRP-led CERCLA sites. He is an expert in the field of site remediation, with an emphasis on developing remediation schemes that are integrated with site re-development plans, and has led the design and construction of numerous groundwater treatment systems, in-situ treatment systems, capping programs, and soil excavation programs. His background includes the investigation and remediation of sites ranging in size and scope from leaking underground petroleum tanks to a 10,000-drum hazardous waste landfill, with project costs ranging to over $85 million. 

 “I particularly enjoy working with clients to understand their business objectives and developing a project strategy to help achieve them as cost effectively as possible. I also enjoy leading teams of passionate experts in the development of creative solutions for difficult sites that integrate regulatory and technical innovation with proven communication, engineering, and project management approaches to deliver results on time and on budget.”