Robin Cort, PhD

Technical Practice Leader
Environmental Planning & Permitting

Robin is an environmental scientist and ecologist with expertise in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). She has been a project manager responsible for the oversight of environmental documents prepared for public sector projects involving water resources. She specializes in work that involves water supply, water recycling, and wastewater, and has been involved in the development, design and implementation of various mitigation programs. In addition, Robin is often involved in the public outreach aspect of her projects, conducting workshops, hearings, and public reviews related to environmental documents.

I enjoy helping clients develop and implement projects that address water supply and wastewater treatment needs, while meeting their commitments for environmental stewardship. While I’ve managed a variety of projects, I’m particularly proud of my work on water recycling projects, and I believe that the public outreach that we’ve done as part of those projects has contributed to the growing public acceptance of water recycling as a safe, reliable source of water.