Tom Hazlett, PE

Director of Technical Practices
Water Infrastructure

Tom is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s municipal wastewater engineering and planning practice—the practice the company was founded on in the late 1970s. He leads a dedicated staff of approximately 50 engineers and planners providing wastewater solutions to communities nationwide. Tom is a licensed professional engineer and wastewater treatment plant operator, serving as the vice chair of the NEWEA plant operations committee. As the leader of the sanitary wastewater group, Tom stresses putting operational success at the forefront in the planning, design, and construction of the firm’s projects. His project management expertise is primarily in large-scale municipal wastewater treatment and collection system projects and includes planning, permitting, engineering, construction management, public outreach and education, and municipal funding.

“I love what I do because, as engineers, our contribution to society is both important and lasting. I enjoy helping communities construct projects that solve long-standing problems in a meaningful way. In the wastewater field, our work often goes unheralded by the general public.  However, there has literally been no greater contribution to the world’s public health than sanitation, and it is gratifying to be part of that history.”