Douglas McKeown

Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of the Board of Directors

As Chief Executive Officer, Doug is responsible for overall firm performance and strategic direction. In his role as Chairman of the firm’s Board of Directors, he is responsible for shareholder relations, governance, and long-term sustainability as a thriving privately held company.

In 1992, Doug began growing the firm’s Operations and Management business, which was then a new venture for the firm and today represents nearly $70 million in revenue. Over the course of his career at Woodard & Curran, he has served as Director of Marketing and the Business Center Manager for the firm’s O&M business. He was appointed CEO in 2007 and Chairman of the Board in 2009.  He has served as a Director on the Board since 2001. Throughout his career, Doug has worked extensively with clients in the municipal and industrial sectors. He is passionate about the firm’s culture, which is centered around its people first, and is committed to maintaining its success as a privately held firm.

"I’ve always been motivated by the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and to problem solve – listening to clients, understanding the market conditions that drive their needs, and then delivering solutions that take care of the concerns they have today and that position them for tomorrow. When you have the chance to see all that we do nationwide you understand the firm’s ability to sustain growth, provide a rewarding work environment for our employees, and make a significant impact in the world we share."