Matthew Jones, CCM

Meteorologist, Project Manager
Air Services

Matthew Jones, meteorologist and project manager, specializes in modeling, consultation, and project management in Woodard & Curran’s Environment & Remediation group. His experience includes weather and climate modeling, air pollution chemical transport simulation, accidental release consequence analyses, and toxic plume deposition modeling. By employing cutting-edge modeling approaches to solve clients’ unique risk assessment challenges, Matt has assisted numerous clients in identifying and resolving air quality issues and achieve their project goals.

“I got my start as a consulting meteorologist running complex weather models to predict winds for elite sailors challenged to win a big race.  Ever since I saw my clients and teammates accomplish their goal and hoist a trophy after relying on cutting edge model output, I wanted to find more avenues to apply the best technological solution to help more clients cross their finish lines and win their prize.  The air quality and climate field has offered me the chance to provide technical consulting support to a diversity of talented clients who all want to lift their trophy and hit their mark.  I love being on a team and helping them win.”