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Will Medlin PWS, ENV SP

Practice Leader / Ecological Services

Will provides ecological, environmental planning, and permitting services to public and private clients. His experience includes directing and executing environmental field studies and scientific data collection, preparing and reviewing technical studies and permitting documents, and working closely with regulatory agencies. Having contributed to many complex wetland assessment, site remediation, and restoration projects nationwide, Will specializes in identifying important natural resources and working with engineers to develop project designs that minimize environmental impact. He is also well-versed in various environmental regulatory programs, frequently overseeing the NEPA, Clean Water Act, and NPDES permit processes, and managing environmental compliance teams on large and small-scale infrastructure construction projects.

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When I first started in environmental consulting, I knew that I liked being outdoors, wanted to use my Biology degree, and was interested in engineering and construction projects. That evolved into a true passion for wetland ecosystems, which are so full of mystique and life. Walking into a dark forested swamp in the Deep South in mid-summer, you never know what you will find. The shallow pools with tadpoles and salamanders. The kingfishers, great blue herons, and prothonotary warblers. The cottonmouth that will not move, preventing you from crossing back over the beaver dam that you had to tightrope to get in the forest . . . all these things make up the best part of the job: adventure.

Will Medlin Technical Practice Leader Ecological Services
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