Ecological Services

Many of the projects our clients undertake face the added complexity of managing environmental and water quality compliance requirements along with considerations for impacts to ecosystems and natural resources. Our team of ecologists, environmental engineers, and geospatial analysts are experts in managing the process of obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals and assessing ecological risk alongside project development, preventing unnecessary costs and interruptions to schedules down the line.

Dedicated Team of Ecological and Water Professionals

 Our approach to ecological services emphasizes a multidisciplinary environmental and engineering team that works side-by-side with clients throughout a project’s lifecycle. We rely on our technical expertise in wetland and waterbody assessment, habitat analysis, ecotoxicology, and ecology to find the right tools and technologies to address each challenge we encounter, keeping our environmental ethics and the client’s goals at the forefront.

As specialists in water and environmental assessment, our experts think critically about a project’s intended objectives and how its implementation could affect ecologically sensitive habitats. Our team specializes in baseline data collection and environmental impact analysis supporting Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act regulations, but performs a variety of other services, from water quality studies and stream assessments to GPS and GIS data applications.

Incorporating Ecological Concerns Every Step of the Way

When public and private organizations are planning projects, they often focus on engineering and construction requirements while overlooking environmental studies and permitting timelines. Our teams act as true partners with project developers as they look for ways to create an efficient schedule while designing projects with minimal impact to the environment. We develop strategies that engage regulators early in the process to accelerate permitting timelines and facilitate smooth project delivery. Our approach also prioritizes finding creative ways for our clients who value environmental goodwill and stewardship to conserve natural and cultural resources.


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Ecological Services

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