Preconstruction Services

Cost Estimating

Our dedicated estimators apply years of experience and robust tools to create accurate and reliable estimates of construction costs. We apply value engineering principles and life-cycle cost analysis to find the right balance between the up-front capital and long-term operations costs, and continue to optimize financials throughout each project.

Project Scheduling and Cost Control

We carefully plan design, procurement, and construction so that as key design milestones are reached, construction can begin while later phases are still in development. Once equipment is in the field, we work constantly to identify ways to safely speed the project up, and our construction personnel are in direct contact with our engineers to make changes to plans as appropriate.


We embed our construction experts into the design team to incorporate their knowledge of how systems are built throughout the design process. Sometimes a simple change like shifting a piece of infrastructure a few feet can save weeks in site grading and construction time. We are tireless in hunting down and leveraging those opportunities.


Preconstruction Leader

Senior Client Manager
Government & Institutional