Positioning Your Projects for Infrastructure Stimulus Funding

COVID-19 has put intense pressure on municipalities, public utilities, and other public agencies changing the way they operate and putting the pinch on budgets. Federal stimulus funding is a near certainty, and we know from past stimulus action that we will have to react quickly to take advantage. Waiting to prepare until legislation is in place will put you behind other communities that are getting ready now.

Join Jessica Richard, leader of our strategic funding services team, along with national experts Leslie Dumas and Brent Bridges for this hour-long session on the likely stimulus funding, what we expect the bill to look like, how we can learn from previous stimulus funding, and what you can do NOW to get ready to earn your community the funds you need. This recorded webinar will help you understand what funders will be looking for and how to prioritize and position your projects to win funding.

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Strategic Project Funding