From Waste to Asset: Recovering Value from Your Wastewater

In competitive markets, small efficiencies can yield large competitive advantages, yet many companies are overlooking a significant potential asset: wastewater. With an optimized wastewater process, outputs can include reusable water, recovered energy from waste heat, biogas and biosolids, and nutrients that can be sold to produce fertilizer. By rethinking how you manage your wastewater, you can extract value to improve your efficiency, boost your bottom line, improve your environmental performance, and achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

Join Woodard & Curran industrial wastewater experts Pat Cyr, Ed Helmig, and Elyse Dumas for this hour-long recorded webinar. They discuss:

  • Opportunity identification – what waste streams make good targets 
  • Effective waste recovery concepts – proven approaches for target waste streams 
  • Feasibility assessment – quick estimates vs. detailed engineering analysis 
  • Regulatory hurdles – applicable federal regulations and regional differences 
  • Economics – approaches to determining ROI 
  • Business justification – convincing your organization to make these investments 
  • Project implementation – obstacles to success and how to clear them

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Industrial Wastewater