2020 Board of Directors Appointees

Published: 7/1/2020

Woodard & Curran is pleased to announce the appointment of two Internal Directors, elected by the firm’s Senior Principals.

Woodard & Curran’s Board of Directors guides the firm in four primary areas: strategic performance management, strategic planning, sustained private ownership program and executive succession. It operates with four committees: Finance, Compensation & HR, Governance & Nomination, and Strategic Priorities. Membership is comprised of the Chief Executive Officer (who serves as Chair), five additional Internal Directors, and three External Directors whose credentials further strengthen the Board’s knowledge and expertise.

Duff Collins was reelected. Duff has more than 30 years of consulting experience solving complex environmental problems for industry and the public sector. His work includes a wide array of site remediation and environmental compliance projects under state and federal programs. “Duff brings great value and a one-company perspective to the Board,” says Doug McKeown, Board Chairman and CEO. “It is wonderful to have him returning.”

Tom Hazlett is a new appointee. As director of Woodard & Curran's Municipal Water Infrastructure Practices, Tom serves as a connector between various aspects of the organization: from sales to delivery, from engineering to operations, and from junior to senior staff. “He’s bringing some great experience from a broad spectrum of our business operations and understands so many aspects of the firm,” McKeown notes. In addition to his leadership in our Municipal group, Tom has helped advanced numerous firm priorities. He recently contributed to Woodard & Curran’s ownership redesign. We look forward to the strategic guidance and support he will bring to the Board moving forward.

Leaving the board this year is Mary House, who has served as a director since 2014. Mary’s influence on our Board has been significant, impacting many aspects of how we conduct Board governance. We are grateful for Mary’s service and guidance over the last six years and look forward to her continued leadership and expertise in our Environmental Services group.

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