Bert Wesley Elected Chairman of the FPSA Beverage Council

Published: 4/11/2016

At the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) Annual Meeting, Bert Wesley, P.E. of Woodard & Curran was elected Chairman of the Beverage Council. He will serve three years on the Board of Directors for the FPSA and lead the work of the Beverage Council, which focuses on monitoring emerging trends in the beverage industry.

Wesley is a Senior Project Manager with Woodard & Curran where he works with clients to design and implement utility systems, packaging, and sanitary design projects from concept through execution and startup. His expertise includes the specification, design, construction, and commissioning of beverage and water treatment systems. He has more than two decades of experience in the beverage industry, with particular expertise in cutting edge utility system project, including energy recovery, efficiency improvement, and compliance.

“I’m excited to serve on the Board,” said Wesley, “and to work with my colleagues on the Beverage Council to help keep our members informed about new technologies, trends, and changes in the industry. The FPSA plays an important role in encouraging knowledge sharing and innovation across the spectrum of food and beverage producers. It’s gratifying to be able to give back in a leadership role after so many years involved as a member and practitioner.”

Woodard & Curran is an engineering firm serving private and public clients nationwide from offices in Atlanta, GA and across the country. 

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