Zach Henderson Wins NEWEA Stormwater Excellence Award

Published: 1/26/2017

Zach Henderson received the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) Golden Raindrop Award this week during the association’s annual conference. The award is given to a NEWEA member who has made notable contributions to the stormwater field. 

Zach is a water resources technical manager dedicated to the effective and efficient management of municipal stormwater programs. He led an award-winning Lexington, MA stormwater project and worked on the groundbreaking collaborative effort to improve water quality in the Long Creek watershed. Zach also co-chairs the New England Stormwater Collaborative and the Maine Water Environment Association Stormwater Committee. A regular contributor to Woodard & Curran’s blog, Zach is constantly improving and expanding Woodard & Curran’s stormwater practice.  This year alone, Zach presented his work at the NEWEA Annual Conference, WEFTEC, and the AWWA Sustainable Water Management Conference. He has been published in many major publications—most recently he coauthored an article with Denise Cameron for Stormwater Magazine and published a piece on integrated water planning for Public Works. 

“This is a great recognition and I’m happy to be a little part of the exceptional leadership on clean water that NEWEA brings to our region," said Henderson. "Stormwater quality control and managing runoff within the vast network of built drainage is a vastly underappreciated service that municipalities across New England have to provide on top of myriad competing priorities. As our utility infrastructure challenges continue to mount, I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to work with NEWEA to continue to build recognition for the hard work municipalities and utilities do to provide clean water and drainage services.” 

NEWEA is made up of over 2100 highly qualified and motivated water and wastewater professionals located throughout New England, who volunteer their time, energy, and expertise in order to preserve, protect, and manage one of our most precious resources here in New England, our water environment.

In the photo below, Zach (center) is shown with David Bedoya of Stantec (left) and Ray Willis, NEWEA President.

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