Professional Development

Woodard & Curran is committed to supporting the people who make our company successful. Our mission statement begins with a promise to our people, and our number one strategic goal is to be a great place to work. Why make that our top priority instead of client service or technical expertise? Because we know that providing our talented professionals with a challenging, fun work environment and opportunity to grow will naturally lead to excellence in all areas of our business.

"At Woodard & Curran, career development is synonymous with personal development. We have always believed that helping our people to expand their capabilities positions them for greater opportunities and more options within the firm. The greater the opportunities, the happier our people are, and happy employees serve our clients best." - Doug McKeown, CEO 

In addition to exciting projects and a dynamic work atmosphere, Woodard & Curran offers career development assistance, including:

  • A leadership development program for emerging leaders
  • Employee skill-building training
  • Project management classes
  • Professional development support
  • Reimbursement for conference participation, certifications, and professional registrations
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • A rich learning environment
  • Formal mentoring for interns and new hires
  • Reimbursement for professional association memberships

Our People Talk About Career Development 

"Imagine working for a company that wants you to continue on with graduate studies, reimburses you to do so, encourages you to bring your education back to the office, and supports you to implement your newly acquired knowledge and ideas. I found that company in Woodard & Curran 10 years ago, went back to school to get my Master’s, and it’s been one of the best experiences imaginable." - Tom Roche, Finance 
"Our women’s leadership network brings women together at all levels of the company. It’s a wonderful support network and a way to share ideas and get advice from people who know what your experience is really like." - Jennifer Andrews, Senior Principal
"Woodard & Curran's company-funded training and operator certification bonus programs reward our employees for taking the initiative to improve their credentials so they can advance in their careers and provide better client service." - Dave Dedian, Senior Principal