Broadening Reach of Natural Gas Supply in Maine

To accomplish the goal of bringing natural gas service to unserved areas in the state, Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc. needed to permit, design, and install more than 65 miles of high-pressure steel transmission pipeline and 85 miles of distribution piping within the timeline of a year.

We partnered with Summit in its effort to bring clean, affordable natural gas to more than 50,000 potential customers in Maine’s Kennebec Valley, most of whom were relying on oil for heating. After reviewing the utility’s proposed route and proposing modifications, our team completed the layout for 65 miles of steel transmission main and the associated facilities. All of this was accomplished while working carefully to avoid permitting and future construction conflicts with a competing project.

Opening lines of communication

While providing overall project management, permitting, and engineering services, our representatives met with individual towns to address any concerns associated with construction, as well as local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to verify permitting requirements. Our careful planning and frequent cooperation minimized regulatory complexity, thereby reducing the potential for schedule delays associated with agency reviews. Upon completing the project, Summit had constructed more natural gas infrastructure in Maine during a 12-month period than other utilities had in 12 years.


Summit Natural Gas