Efficient and Affordable Natural Gas Service for Power Plant

After being unsuccessful in negotiating an agreeable transportation rate with its original gas supplier, a power plant in New Jersey needed to make a switch to a new supplier. Working with firms specializing in major infrastructure projects to undertake this challenging project, the power plant was able to see significant savings.

We served as the gas engineers and permitting consultants throughout the duration of this project, which involved the utilization of engineers from several disciplines. Our contribution included the initial review of all natural gas suppliers in the area, as well as a feasibility study that included meeting with those suppliers, determining tie-in locations and gas pressure requirements, and a routing study.

Once a new supplier had been chosen, it was obvious that a new gas pipeline would need to be installed to supply the power plant. Our team designed the gas pipeline, along with the regulator and metering station for the supply. With obstacles like county bridge crossings, water body crossings, and mapped wetlands, designing and installing the pipeline within a tight construction window was no small feat. By getting creative and bringing multiple service lines together to support the client, including risk assessors, wetland scientists, and our structural and site-civil team, we explored all available alternatives to find the best route. We were able to successfully install the pipeline, and assisted the client during the construction phase with project control and construction administration services. The power plant is now online with the new gas supplier.


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