Improving Utility Rates and Service for New Jersey Community

Maple Shade’s utility service area is considered a “critical zone” by the state of New Jersey—an area where water is being withdrawn at a significantly greater rate than being replenished. The township needed an improved level of service and more consistent rates to protect its water and wastewater interests, and hired us as a partner that could offer the operations expertise required to address these specialized needs.

In 2010, we became partners to the Maple Shade Township with a 10-year contract to operate, maintain, and manage its water, wastewater, collection, and distribution utilities.  Our services include water meter reading, utility mark-outs, and residual disposal.

Serving the community through system improvements

Our approach to the operation of the Maple Shade systems—comprising two groundwater treatment plants and a 1 MG elevated water tower, a 3.4 MGD wastewater treatment facility, 9 lift stations, 53 miles of collection system, and 55 miles of distribution—included a thorough evaluation of environmental compliance standards, existing procedures, utility processes, and operating strategy.

We also undertook the development of a Capital Improvement Plan to accomplish any necessary upgrades to strategic processes or existing system components. With an experienced staff already in place, we incorporated all existing employees in this effort, working closely with them to gain their insight that years of experience at the plant afforded them. This allowed us to map out operations improvements for the next five years that include complying with regulatory requirements; enhancing aesthetics, controls and SCADA; customer service plans for future construction; leak detection evaluation; and improved safety procedures.

The partnership between the Township and our O&M team has resulted in a cooperative focus on providing, safe, reliable, and consistent service to the community, keeping costs in check, and proactively planning for future facility upgrades.