Water Reuse Replenishes Agriculture in San Joaquin Valley

California’s water crisis has severely limited the amount of water available for irrigation, devastating highly productive farmland and causing serious economic hardship throughout the State.  To overcome this problem, Woodard & Curran is managing a team of consultants on the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program, a tertiary-treated recycled water program that will supply treated water for irrigation to the drought-impacted west side of the San Joaquin Valley.

The program provides a new source of water to agricultural customers in the Del Puerto Water District (DPWD) by bringing treated recycled water from nearby Cities of Turlock and Modesto to DPWD through a direct pipeline to the Delta-Mendota Canal. Before this project was in place, most of the Towns’ recycled water was discharged to the San Joaquin River, but now the region will be able to close the loop on their local water supply. The project has the potential to produce and deliver 25-30,000 acre-feet per year of tertiary-treated water, which would restore approximately $29 million in annual agricultural production to the local economy. 

Permitting in Uncharted Territory

The program discharges the recycled water in the Delta-Mendota Canal, a federally owned facility which delivers Central Valley Project Water to agricultural and municipal water waters south of the Delta. This was the first recycled water program to discharge water into the Canal which required novel permitting requirements.  Woodard & Curran helped the project receive the first NPDES permit from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board that allows for a discharge to the Delta-Mendota.

The program has received a Planning Honor Award by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists and an Outstanding Environmental Analysis Document Award from the California Association of Environmental Professionals.


Stanislaus County, California


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Water Resources