Keeping Boston's South End Dry

A city with large areas built primarily on fill, Boston experiences extreme challenges in the management of stormwater and wastewater during periods of heavy rain and needed an operator with expertise in stormwater and wastewater management. They brought Woodard & Curran on to take over operations of the Union Park Pump Station, optimize its performance, and maintain a high level of service and reliability of this critical asset.

When the City of Boston began filling in South Bay in the early 19th Century to create the South End, city officials could not have predicted that the neighborhood would be plagued by flooding for the next 200 years due to the development’s low elevation. Current efforts to mitigate flooding in Boston’s South End have included the development of the Union Park combined sewer overflow (CSO) facility, a state-of-the-art detention and treatment facility adjacent to the BWSC’s Union Park Pump Station, along with upgrades to the pump station itself.

In 2007 the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority partnered with the BWSC, and the Union Park CSO facility was constructed. As part of achieving the city’s goal of restoring Boston Harbor into a clean and accessible body of water, the two organizations are working jointly to reduce the impacts of combined sewer overflows into the harbor by investing in the CSO control facility in Boston’s South End. Woodard & Curran supports this effort, as well as other BWSC projects, by providing O&M and engineering services to keep facilities and infrastructure operating smoothly and efficiently.

O&M services keep stormwater management infrastructure running smoothly

We began operations of the Union Park Pump Station in 2000 and provided O&M services during the construction of the CSO facility.  Our day-to-day operations and management services include providing trained staff 24 hours a day, implementing an advanced predictive maintenance management program, administering and implementing capital repair and replacement projects, and emergency response during storm events. 

We are also responsible for the operations of four sanitary and four stormwater pumping stations and one water booster pumping station that provide service throughout the rest of the city. Our depth of experience, best practices in asset management, and commitment to the operating performance of these systems under all environmental and weather conditions continue to prove themselves as we operate these facilities without any service outages or failures since 2000.


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