Protecting Critical Natural Gas Infrastructure

The natural gas metering and regulating station to supply the Newark Airport in Newark, NJ is indispensable in the region’s natural gas supply network. Storm surges, flooding, and floating debris were becoming serious threats to service consistency.

As climate changes becomes a growing concern for utilities and policy makers, protecting critical pieces of infrastructure becomes ever more important. This was definitely the case for the gas supply to the Newark Airport, where we were hired to make improvements that would protect the M&R station from future severe weather events. We designed all SCADA and electrical system elements, gas mains and facilities, HVAC system and structural supports, and foundations for the station. The project included installing a new elevated prefabricated building to house crucial equipment and vulnerable facilities to reduce the risks associated with flooding.

This facility was included in the $1.22 billion “Energy Strong” program, implemented by New Jersey’s largest public utility, PSE&G to mitigate damage from severe weather events on electric and gas infrastructure. These statewide investments were made to prevent service interruption and costly future repairs. The project hardened the M&R station, protecting critical gas supply for the airport and surrounding Newark community, and will be installed without any interruption to service.


Newark, NJ