Continuous Compliance Support for New England Hospital Group

The Central Maine Medical Group (CMMG) serves thousands of patients across the state of Maine each year, providing hundreds of healthcare related services. The CMMG began working with Woodard & Curran in 2004 to conduct multimedia environmental compliance audits of the three hospitals that make up the group: the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Bridgton Hospital in Bridgton, and Rumford Hospital in Rumford. Upon completion of these audits, the group began using our EH&S services on an ongoing basis to maintain compliance at each of its hospitals.

Our Environmental Health and Safety team conducted a thorough compliance audit at the three hospitals in the CMMG with the aim of providing each one with a detailed factual analysis of its operations and facilities, which are regulated by federal and state environmental laws, and facilitating the use of the EPA Audit Policy at each location. At the same time, each hospital’s compliance status with these laws were assessed. In cases where an area of non-compliance was identified, we supplied recommendations for bringing them into compliance as efficiently as possible.  The audit reports that were ultimately prepared included a description of every issue identified, the regulatory requirement, corresponding citation, and a recommended corrective action.

Working long-term to maintain hospital compliance

After the successful execution of the compliance audits, CMMG decided to work with us on an ongoing basis for compliance assistance at all three hospitals. In addition to conducting routine compliance visits, our team has worked with the hospitals on developing and implementing required programs and corrective actions for their individual needs. We’ve also provided trainings, performed air emissions inventories, and created various plans related to hazardous waste management. We continue to work with the CMMG with as-needed assistance through regular site visits, fielding compliance-related questions from staff at each facility, and on-call emergency services for which our team is available 24/7.


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