Quick Response PCB Remediation on a University Campus

When a confidential university in the Northeast United States discovered PCB-containing exterior caulking fully transecting a ground surface concourse about to undergo rehabilitation, they needed to quickly and safely address the problem without disrupting their project schedule. We implemented a fast-track characterization, remediation plan submittal, and integrated the remediation scope into the renovation in order to finish before students returned for the fall semester.

Applied experience avoids delay

After quickly conducting the characterization work and notifying the relevant regulatory agencies, Woodard & Curran was able to show that the renovation could proceed using interim mitigation strategies while protecting workers, the campus community, and the environment. Because of our experience on similar projects, knowledge of the requirements, and experience with EPA regulators, we knew what remedial measures could be applied as early action items to avoid schedule delays.

Range of tactics allow on-time move-in and cost savings

While contractors began construction, we developed a full-scale remediation plan for the 4.5 acre site. PCB impacts were widespread across multiple materials so the plan included removal of more than 2,000 tons of soil and concrete; removing, decontaminating, and reinstalling over 800 granite steps; removal of over 10,000 linear feet of caulking; and encapsulation of remaining concrete with low residual levels of PCBs. We then verified the success of the remediation through extensive soil, concrete, and surface wipe sampling using multiple laboratories to meet the project schedule. We also negotiated an alternate waste characterization sampling program for stockpiled soils with EPA that allowed our client to save thousands of dollars in disposal costs via disposal facility selection. The PCB remediation was completed on time to allow the area to open by the fall semester move-in days and ultimately approved by the EPA and State agency.


Confidential University
New England


Senior Client Manager
PCB Remediation