Revitalizing Downtown Quincy: A Park/Transportation Project

The City of Quincy has undertaken a visionary revitalization of its Downtown. An array of planning, infrastructure, and public amenity projects are underway to create a new transportation network and a world-class public space. The scope and grandeur of the new Adams Hancock Green Park will be fitting for this historic location dedicated to Quincy residents President John Adams, President John Quincy Adams, and statesman John Hancock. The City initially engaged Woodard & Curran to represent Quincy’s Department of Public Works on utility-based matters during construction and to coordinate daily activities with project designers, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), City departments, utility companies, and constituent businesses during the transportation infrastructure improvements and public park projects. Woodard & Curran’s responsibilities evolved into an owner’s representative role, driving the project schedule and working to minimize costs.

Creating space and improving transportation

In order to create space for the new park, an existing four-lane roadway through the heart of the Downtown will be diverted and then removed. The discontinued portion of the street will become a pedestrian-friendly promenade. During construction, Woodard & Curran coordinated underground utility and infrastructure improvements needed in the 200-year-old street. The project will improve traffic, parking, and business elements in the Downtown. The construction effort will also upgrade the City’s sidewalks and intersections, improve bicycle and pedestrian access, enhance the streetscape, and make the City’s Downtown more transit-accessible.

Facilitating communications and performing project oversight

In addition to project coordination, Woodard & Curran is conducting continuous public outreach to keep residents and local businesses informed of construction undertakings and is assisting the City with inspection of the project’s progress, performing construction oversight, and reviewing implementation of the Contractor’s traffic control plans as well as keeping the City informed of lane closures.

The $8-million-dollar transportation project is funded by a $1 million investment from the City and $7 million in federal and state grants.

Credit to the Halvorson Design Partnership for the landscape design (including the rendering image above) and Howard Stein Hudson for transportation and infrastructure engineering for this project.


City of Quincy
Quincy, MA