Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Supports Growth

Brentwood’s wastewater treatment facility was originally designed to be expanded as the community grew. The original capacity of 5 mgd is no longer sufficient to meet future demands, so the City hired RMC Water and Environment, now part of Woodard & Curran, to design an expansion to 7.5 mgd. The expansion will increase capacity while improving energy efficiency as much as practical, and continue to produce recycled water that meets California Title 22 requirements.

Expansion and upgrades maximize efficiency

To complete the expansion, new analysis of flow and load criteria is required because Brentwood’s population projections have changed and new data is available. Future process capacity can be determined based on this analysis, so that the facility can be optimized for current and expected conditions. Improvements include transitioning to diffused air for process flexibility, increased capacity, and energy efficiency; re-rating the existing filters to eliminate the need for additional units; and providing direction for disinfection and biosolids dryer process upgrades. The upgrades and expansion consider efficiency in every aspect, providing Brentwood the greatest return for its infrastructure investment without compromising on performance or environmental protection.


City of Brentwood
Brentwood, CA


Practice Leader
Wastewater Treatment Design