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November 10, 2022

Purified Recycled Water Demonstration Design & Reuse Communication Toolbox

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Many water utilities are considering water reuse to diversify their water supply portfolios. Treating wastewater to potable standards is proven and reliable, but public opinion can hinder more widespread implementation of water reuse. When customers are well-informed about the safety and effectiveness of the technologies used, most water customers and stakeholders become accepting of water reuse. One method to educate customers is through demonstration facilities and educational exhibits.

This webcast will present the findings of Potable Reuse Demonstration Design & Toolbox (4979). The project team will share effective communication strategies and present a toolbox of resources for integrating public education and engagement elements at demonstration facilities. The toolbox includes example demonstration facilities, case studies of exhibit testing, pre-planning worksheets and checklists, and sample RFPs for installation of exhibits and development of in-person or virtual tours.



Carrie Del Boccio | Practice Leader, Water Reuse

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