Building Resiliency

With increasing frequency, severe weather events put critical infrastructure at risk, which in turn can put communities in danger, bring economic activity to a standstill, and damage business continuity. At Woodard & Curran, we place enormous emphasis on helping our clients prepare for and recover from these challenging, sometimes even disastrous, situations.


In the United States, the annual cost of dealing with the effects of natural disasters is rising steadily, with numbers now routinely in the billions. Investments in energy storage and distributed generation, water and energy infrastructure hardening, and hazard mitigation go a long way toward making sure that people are safe, essential operations won’t be interrupted, and more costly repairs won’t need to be made post-disaster. Our planning and funding experts have helped clients across the country find money to fund these improvements, and our engineers and operators have implemented projects that were fundamental to protecting our clients’ infrastructure and the environment that surrounds it. 

Our focus on resiliency goes beyond specific mitigation and recovery efforts. We know that every infrastructure project is now also a resiliency project and must be designed with an understanding of the new reality of more frequent major storms, extended droughts, and historically atypical weather patterns. By incorporating these concerns in our design process, we help clients withstand the challenges the future may bring.


When mitigation isn’t possible, we are there to aid in the recovery so our clients can get back to business quickly. With one of the deepest benches in the industry, we pride ourselves in having the agility required to respond to clients’ water and energy infrastructure needs quickly and the tenacity to see the job through despite whatever challenges may arise. This is just another part of how we make a difference to the people and planet around us.