Before, during, and after a natural disaster strikes, you need to be prepared and able to protect your critical assets, infrastructure, and people. Communities, utilities, campuses, and businesses must undertake mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate short- and long-term risk to life and property from hazards and focus resources to decrease vulnerabilities.

Helping you take control

Woodard & Curran leads resiliency and mitigation efforts, from planning and funding through stakeholder engagement and project implementation to engineering safe and reliable solutions. Whether you have a plan that needs to be updated, or you don’t have a plan at all, Woodard & Curran will work with you to develop a measured approach to assessing vulnerabilities, managing risk, mitigating hazards, and implementing a response if a natural disaster occurs.

Understanding the Key Strategies to Deal with Future Events

Woodard & Curran has decades of experience implementing hazard mitigation projects valued in the tens of millions and meeting resiliency obligations of every scale, so we understand resiliency needs from the inside out. Our resiliency services are focused on five key strategies: planning, funding, assessment, education, and the implementation of mitigation projects. Our process is developed in accordance with FEMA guidelines and will meet FEMA funding requirements when applicable.


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