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Creating Opportunity Through Infrastructure

Communities rely on an array of infrastructure. We partner with our clients to identify creative, multi-beneficial projects to improve resiliency and support growth.

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Urban Revitalization

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Sustainable infrastructure for our communities

Thriving communities rely on visible and hidden infrastructure. When clients need to improve or replace these critical assets, our civil engineers take approaches that incorporate multiple benefits and foster economic development. We work with our clients to plan for growth and use risk-based investment prioritization, to create projects that support clean, healthy, vibrant communities. We have creatively used critical infrastructure projects as a means of incorporating amenities such as parks, trails, and recreation facilities. This not only supports the wellbeing of the community by increasing opportunities to gather, play, and exercise, but also address common challenges our clients face with public spaces.

We help project owners strike a balance between the needs of area residents, municipal leaders, and policy makers to implement effective urban revitalization projects. We engage stakeholders and maintain open forms of communication, while using our knowledge of critical infrastructure and regulatory measures to drive successful projects. Our team expertly manages scope, schedule, and budget while integrating green and eco-friendly features for optimal performance and user satisfaction while protecting our environment.


Daniel Windsor AICP, PP, LEED AP Practice Leader Community Development
Kathleen Higgins PE Director of Technical Practices Community Development & Watershed

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